Etta May


Reap the praise and laugh out loud as award winning speaker Etta May brings her unique style of clean humor to your next event. She tailors her show to your needs and makes it relatable to any group. 

Do you really want another motivational guy in a suit that talks “at” your audience? Or somebody who overcame a personal tragedy, hoping their story will inspire your group? Laughter is the best motivator. Etta May knows everybody has a life story and the best way to walk through this world with your head held high is with a sense of humor. As Etta May put’s it: “The best life raft for your soul is laughter. It’s like a mini vacation for your mind!”  

Surprise your next group with a refreshing, unstuffy speaker that will have them on the edge of their seats bent over with laughter. They’ll be talking about your event long after the banners have come down and the centerpieces have been removed from the tables.

In 30 years of speaking, Etta May has appeared before groups ranging from Chamber of Commerce Leaders to Blue Collar Construction companies. She is just as successful in front of the Pipe Fitters Union in Vegas or a luncheon with the Red Hat Society. A favorite guest speaker of Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Life Savers, Women’s Conferences, Male dominated Construction and Heavy Equipment Companies, Etta May’s energy is contagious and downright fun. Everybody can relate to her style of humor. It ‘s time to treat your group to a moment of pure joy and fun. 

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